30w tube head
30w tube head
30w tube head
30w tube head
30w tube head
30w tube head


30w tube head

Artno: 588243

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The CTM-30 Little Stubby is the next step in the iconic Ashdown CTM(Classic Tube Magnifier) bloodline.

All valve(tube) bass amps are truly special, known for their warmth, punch and harmonic richness that solid state amplifiers can rarely achieve. The trade off is that traditionally valve amps are big, heavy and cumbersome.

An evolutionary step forwards from the classic LB 30/CTM 30 the Little Stubby pushes the rules of valve amplification design to the limits in a never before seen highly compact package that breaks away from the traditionally unwieldy amplifiers of years gone by.

Producing 30 watts of inspirational all valve bass tone from 4 x EL84 output valves the Little Stubby is all about purity of tone combined with real world versatility. The input gain and master volume allow for deep clean tones through to hugely overdriven contemporary tones and all points in between.

However the heart of this amp is the unique Feedback control which allows the complete character of the amp to be changed and fine tuned from old school vintage valve amp tones at one end through to tighter more mid heavy modern tones at the other. This combined with the well considered three band EQ gives almost limitless tonal variations. FX send and return continue the sonic purity and allow the players favourite modulation/time based effects to be sent straight into the power amp.

- Amp tubes : 4 x EL84

- Category : Bass amp head

- Dimensions (mm) : 95 x 400 x 235

- EQ : 3 channels

- Effects loop : Yes

- Headphone output : No

- Input : jack, [G_entree_boucle_effet_jack]

- Output : DI jack, Cabinet 3 x jack

- Power : 30 W

- Pre-amp tubes : [ampli_lampepreamp_ecc81], [ampli_lampepreamp_ecc82], ECC83

- Weight (kg) : 9,10 kg

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