Passive 2x10
Passive 2x10
Passive 2x10
Passive 2x10


Passive 2x10" subwoofer

Artno: 110868

719 € (Alv 24%)



Housed in a bass reflex enclosure, the two 10″ woofers pack a powerful punch and deliver lowranging bass response that is sure to impress and amaze. Remarkably compact, versatile and light at less than 26 kg, it is readily combined with mid/ high units to deliver outstanding performance as a system. Setting up and operating such a powerful yet inconspicuous rig is a piece of cake.

- Dimensions (mm) : 360 x 610 x 530

- Finishing : Lacquered black

- Power : 500 W

- Speaker diameter : 2 x 10"

- Väri : Black

- Weight (kg) : 25,90 kg

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