With the new SI (System Integrator) series HK Audio is offering a family of speakers tailored to meet the needs of today‘s installation market.

Working together with planners and installers, HK Audio engineers equipped these products with the full complement of technical features, plenty of installation options and a host of handy hardware details. They are also designed to comply with all relevant and applicable standards.

The P10i and P10j high-performance column speakers are the first products in the SI SERIES.
A non-certified version of all P10-products will be available for preordering by September 2019.

The i and j versions of the P10 have different vertical directivities: 5° for the P10i and 15° for the P10j.
The P10j‘s directional characteristic is asymmetrical. Its j-shaped pattern of throw is directed downwards, a function achieved exclusively by its mechanical design without an on-board DSP. The P10i‘s horizontal directivity is 100° and the P10j‘s is 120°.

With the drivers arrayed in a line and tuned for tight vertical directivity, P10i/j speakers are very well suited for large rooms with long reverberation times as well as for outdoor long-throw applications.
They accomplish both sound reinforcement tasks superbly, allowing excellent speech transmission index (STI) values and high quality music rendition in combination with subwoofers.
The impregnated speaker cloth and speaker cones protect components against the adverse effects of weather. P10s have all the features necessary for a protection class IP 55 rating in accordance with EN 60529. They are to be certified by late 2019.

All P10 models are designed for use in voice alarm systems and slated for certification to EN 54 24:2008 (type B outdoor use). This is to be certified by late 2019.

With more than 30 colors to choose from, the enclosures may be adapted to purpose in the factory – for example, to match elegant interior designs or comply with monument conservation regulations.

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