HK Audio SONAR series

The SONAR series for bands, DJs, clubs and more!

The SONAR series for bands, DJs, clubs and more is an extremely compact powered state-of-the-art loudspeaker system that provides top sound, whether as a full-range speaker, as a stage monitor or as a satellite in combination with a subwoofer.


The SONAR REMOTE app offers complete and convenient control of HK Audio SONAR Xi series loudspeakers.


Easy CARDIOID setup with SONAR thanks to integrated presets!

The classic full-stack configuration with two subs projecting forward boosts the SPL by 3 dB in all directions.

But there is a better way - with the SONAR 115 Sub D’s cardioid capabilities. It features two presets that let you set up a cardioid bass rig with the bottom sub projecting rearward - no complicated math or delay time compensation required.
This cardioid setup attenuates rearward bass frequencies by as much as 34 dB!
This makes performing live a lot easier for the artists on the stage and it improves the sound.

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